Sensory Newspaper Play!

Newspapers get tossed in the garbage daily, here's some GREAT ideas for play:

Open up newspaper into squares.  Scatter squares all over the room.  Have child lead from square to square.

Rip newspaper into basic shapes.

Cut out pictures or coupons from the newspaper.

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Traffic Light Fun!

Happy Summer! My son has been enjoying practicing "red" and "green" to learn "stop" and "go" Check out my books for fun activities for your child, too!

Here's an fun sensory rich recipe too!

Traffic Light


¼ graham cracker
chocolate frosting
green, yellow & red M&M


Get graham cracker
Spread chocolate frosting
Put on red M&M on top
Put on yellow M&M below red
Put on green M&M below yellow



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Tickle Toes!

Foot Prints


Drawing paper
Crayon, colored pencils, markers
Glitter Glue


Stabilize white paper on flat surface.
Trace feet on white paper using crayons
Add glitter glue for “painted toes”

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