Animal Walks

These are fun ways to walk that incoporate the sensory system and helps with modulation and awareness:

Frog Jump: Come to a full squat position with the hands on the floor outside of the knees. Jump forward, landing in the same position.

Puppy Run: Run forward with both hands and both feet on the floor.

Mule Kick From a squatting position with the hands on the floor outside the knees, shift the body weight forward to the hands and kick both legs backward.

Rooster Walk Strut forward with the knees stiff and the hands at the side of the chest. Wiggle the elbows like flapping wings.

Bunny Hop From a squat position with the hands on the floor, place the weight on the hands and hop forward with the legs; move the hands forward and repeat.

Ostrich Walk Bend forward at the waist and grab the ankles. Keep the knees stiff and walk forward moving the head in and out.

Birds Stand on the toes and wave outstretched arms slowly up and down. As the "wings" flap faster, run faster.

Galloping Horses Gallop forward placing both hands in front as if holding the horse's reins.

Seal Walk. From a position flat on the flor, push the upper body off the floor with the arms. Proceed forward dragging the legs behind.

Bear Walk. Bend over at the waist and touch the floor with the hands. Keeping the legs and arms stiff and the head up, walk forward in a crosslateral fashion (left leg, right arm, and so forth).

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