PUMPKINS for sensory integration

Carving pumpkins is one of the most natural, but most sensory experiences during the Halloween season. Here are some hints for your sensory kiddo:

1. EMBRACE THE GOO!! I know it's yucky, but love the pumpkin insides. HAve the child use his hands to grab the goo and pull it out. Even if its only once, celebrate the experience and move on to using a spoon or scooper.

2. Use punch outs or light bright pegs to create a pumpkin face. I suggest my favorites on my fine motor blog. Both type of "carving" allows for intense proprioceptive input and body awareness. In addtion, a nice jack o lantern is created!

3. Heavy work = clean up the mess. Have the child use a mop, broom, etc. to help clean up the pumpkin mess. Be sure to use the arms and hands to "scrub" the floor or table to allow for more input.

All of the above suggestions were and are used every Halloween in Austim early childhood, physical disabilities early childhood and overall developmental delay early childhood students.

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